Fading Suns - Unto The Twilight Shore

Log Entry from Sasha Decados #3
Vale Piercer Radiation, Holiest of Finds, and a Scuffle with the Local Populace

Only a day has passed since my last log. We concluded our examining of the special box connected to the navigation think machine on the Vale Piercer. Malik thinks he will be able to connect it to the one on our smaller craft. Hopefully, once installed we man know more of what this device that unleashed the current string of horrible events on this world.

Due to the hole in Yuan’s suit, we then left him on the bridge, where he talked to the warrior woman standing guard and went further back within the ship to find supplies and possibly fix the radiation leak. It was found that the leak was from the drive units, which has been going on for many centuries. In our looking we ran across a engineering golem, by far and away more advanced than I had ever seen before, even ones owned by my and other family’s members on the core worlds. I did not quite understanding it’s language, but Malik’s technical training shown through and we received a bit of brief information from this device. He told us the radiation had been leaking for over 700 years, but there was enough supplies on board to repair the leak. Though some quick thinking by Malik, he was able to get the golem to take us to a supply room, re-supply itself, and send it to work on the leak. It is then to go to a repair bay and wait, which it may still be there at the time of reading this. I’m sure the radiation levels will still be deadly long after we are dead and gone, but future generations will benefit.

In the supply room, we gathered supplies for the native women, weapons for Yuan, some odds and ends, radiation drugs, two think machines, and lastly, the greatest find of them all, 5 copies of the 23rd Edition Paulus Version Omega Gospel Bibles, still in their wrappers! The Pancreator must have been trying to give my supplies to help spread the word on Goph. I took all volumes for use and to be spread to the peoples of this planet. I will also like to read a volume to see how time has changed the gospels to their current version.

We returned to Yuan, gave him and the guardian of ship some radiation drugs, and then left. Hopefully she will be helped by these drugs, but if her people do not allow her to leave the ship, she will probably regress again and die. Unfortunately we cannot change their ways and traditions, especially their forms of punishment.

Walking back, we were caught in a rain storm and sought shelter in the native village. They happily allowed us in and we even more grateful when we distributed the goods from the ship and a copy of the bible. Much of what we took was well protected so there should be much, if any lingering radiation, so they should be have no effects.

In the morning, after saying our goodbyes we left for our ship. It was decided on the way, we fly to the metallic platform we had seen earlier. Once we arrived at our ship though, we discovered a band of wild men trying to get into the craft. After a brief tussle, in which most on the men were killed or run off, we found that one had been knocked unconscious and was brought on board. He was then locked in the room we had been using for the “brig.” We then took off toward the platform.

His humblest of servants,
Novitiate Sasha Decados

Log Entry from Sasha Decados #2

This new world of has a interesting and complex history, which I believe we have only learned a brief portion of as of yet. After meeting the native woman near our ship, she brought us to her village and allowed us to meet with their elder. Upon first notice by Malik, their village is only in habited by females of mostly reasonably young age. Before getting to see the elder, we were finally able to work out a hierarchal system of these people and the Ur-Ukar, which they call “White Ones”, we had previously meet.

Upon meeting the elder (the oldest woman in the village) and after getting pleasantry’s aside, we started to trade stories and learned of this land. She wanted to hear of our worlds, travels and how we lived. In return, we learned this world, Goff.

Goff was once a developed world of humans connected to the rest of the universe. Then during a time of upheaval and threat (what and when we still are unsure) they cut off the world and destroyed the jump keys, which isolated them. They lived this way for many years and when they felt the time was right to reconnect they took the last starship they had, fitted it with a special/spiritual device (a special box) and went to the system gate. They were able to then use the device to open the gate, but instead of seeing space on the other side, they were rushed by an armada of Ur-Ukar. They fought the hoard but only to be forced back to the planet and crash. The Ur-Ukar then used their superior force and enslaved the planet, but never leaving as they were no longer able to return from once they came. From then on they have ruled with an iron fist. They separated the males and females by creating a barrier, taking children from families mothers, and have made slaves of anyone they wanted.

The village was formed by a group of woman that had been used to create more slaves as needed and had the males brought in once a year. Other than those times they were left alone to scavenge as needed, while fighting off the environment and roving bands. They migrated around, until ran across the wreckage of the starship that had opened the gate. They then settled to protect the ship and the box that started the chain of events to this time, hopefully stopping more bad from being released. Some members received fatal doses of radiation while exploring and the ship has since been off limits except to people that have broken the law and sent there as punishment until death.

After the day spent with the elder, it was decided we travel to the ship and see the ship for ourselves. Using some items we had on the ship we were able to trade to get access to the ship and a guide to get us there. We were warned though that there is a woman there being punished for an unsaid crime. Following the guide we were able to get to the ship (although she left us part of the way as to not get poisoning), find the way in, and enter without harm. Using spacesuit from our ship we have searched a portion of the ship and found the device. Lt. Yuan’s suit did get a tear when we first crossed paths with the woman in the ship, but she has since left us alone. We are hoping to get him out of the ship soon before there are any lasting effects.

We are currently trying to decipher the box and its use before we leave, but there is also a whole starship here and who knows what knowledge it holds.

Novitiate Sasha Decados

Brief Log Entry by Sasha Decados
Brief Log Entry

I normally don’t keep a log of my travels and places I have ventured, but events of the past couple days on the 2nd world of the system the honorable Baron has allowed us to explore have made me want to leave a record for either a word of warning to future wanderers to this world or historians as a record of events that set in motion the reclamation of this new world.

We had discovered a derelict craft on the edge of the system near the jumpgate. A design unknown to even our charioteer, we investigated the craft for clues to our location and supplies we may have used. There was one lone survivor; to what is still unknown, but there was a fight on the craft; an Ur-Ukar unable to speak any language known to anyone in our party. After a quick fray with the being, he was subdued and brought to our craft, the Twilight Shore. No other usable items we found and the craft was left.

As we journeyed toward the intersystem, not much was gathered from the being other than he was from the second planet in the system (no other planet seemed habitable to our charioteer), he was from an island in the southern hemisphere and that there was combat of some type between two factions and he was from a smaller group.

The planet was mainly water covered with a large continent central/northerly centered on the planet. Opposite of it on the northern side was an immense platform structure covering many small islands and the sea alike with what once may have been a city atop the structure near the center. The southern hemisphere was dotted with islands with no sizable land mass.
Following signs from the survivor, he was able to direct us to the location of the island where he wanted to go and found a hanger like structure in a cavern on the edge of what we had now realized were coral-like islands. They were other Ur-Ukar within the structure, some working on craft of similar design to the derelict. We allowed our passenger to exit our craft and followed; only to be met by a blaster armed force. Unable to converse with the beings we were at a stalemate until a larger Ukari was brought to us. Thru some broken Urthish, I first believed he trying to gather our standing in society and allowing us entry, if we un-armed ourselves. Thanks to the Pancreator, our Man-of-Arms Lt. Yuan held to his belief not to be stripped of his weapons. It now looks as if they were exercising the heinous of practice of taking us as slaves. After a skirmish with the forces, in which the Lt. took much of the fire to allow us to return to the ship, we the fled north to escape a hastily assembled pursuit. After circling the massive metallic structure in the northern hemisphere our fine pilot pushed the craft to other side of the world, to the landmass. He ended by roughly setting us down in a forested region; luckily nothing was too badly damaged on the craft that it would never fly again.

As we were inspecting the craft we noticed a savage woman was watching us. In a brief conversation and finding out we were not with the Ur-Ukar, with the woman she beckoned us to follow her. I write this as I am collecting medical kit before trekking off into the forest. If I am able to return I will continue on explaining the beginnings of this strange new world.

Humble servant of the Pancreator, Novitiate Sasha Decados

A Road So Dark - Part III / The Echo Out of Time - Part I
A Hidden Key, a Chauki Spacewalk, an Interdiction, and a Derelict

Following from the previous events, the entourage made their way back to the Kesparate starport and secured passage onboard the Karl’s Range, as Kam Sharp informed them that the jumpkey his father used should still be in a concealed safe compartment in the captain’s quarters. While in flight, Eduardo kept watch outside those quarters while Brother Sasha Decados and Kam Sharp searched for the hidden safe compartment and everyone else kept Captain Holden Karl distracted.

A mysterious crewman with a serpent tattoo approached Eduardo at this time, drugging him and leaving him bound in the ship’s airlock. Quick responses rescued the noble from his predicament and put the crewman in captivity under Yuan’s guard. The next surprise came when a Charioteer’s Guild vessel called for the Karl’s Range to come to a stop and prepare for boarding. The party was able to convince Captain Holden Karl to ignore those demands and use the earlier recovered jumpkey.

On their return to Grail, the entourage was reward for their efforts by Baron Halman Keddah, who also offered them the opportunity to do him yet another favor by exploring a lost world for which he had recovered a jumpkey. After agreeing to his proposal, they jumped into this long-forgotten system. Almost immediately, they came across a ship of strange design, apparently adrift. The interior of the ship was dimly lit and showed a few signs of some sort of struggle (including a few bloodstains). It’s only inhabitant was a single Ur-Ukar, who attacked the party as they found him. After a brief struggle, the xeno surrendered and was taken aboard the entourage’s vessel; a process complicated by the fact that the Ukari apparently doesn’t speak any Urthish.

A Road So Dark - Part II
Discoveries, Danger in the Slums

Following from the previous events, the entourage continued their search for the Dancing Light at the port authority on Kesparate. After some initial difficulty, they met with their first true leads, even finding that the Dancing Light had been through a refit following a fight with pirates, renamed the Karl’s Range, and was currently docked on Leagueheim. They also met with a mendicant monk known as Old Maxwell who was once a member of the Charioteers Guild and knew most of the Dancing Light’s crew members.

Old Maxwell informed the party that Kam Sharp, the son of the man who captained the Dancing Light during its fateful voyage (and who was himself apprenticed aboard the vessel at the time), was living in The Wastepit one of the many industrial slums of Kesparate, and ultimately agreed to help lead the entourage to him.

After shaking a pair of mysterious individuals following them through the starport, the party continued into The Wastepit, making it through a local “toll station” for a gang of Changed. Old Maxwell led everyone into an aging, abandoned down station, where he revealed that he, himself was Kam Sharp, living in disguise while hiding from the Charioteers Guild. His explanations regarding the jumpkey his father used and events following the Dancing Light’s abnormal trip were then rudely interrupted by a group of skilled, armored assailants wielding shotguns. Malak suffered severe wounds in the firefight and fled downstairs with Kam and the others through a neighboring, crumbling residential structure as Yuan held their attackers at bay on the rooftop. The party regrouped just as a flitter arrived on the scene, apparently supporting their attackers and searching for our heroes with the aid of a large fusion torch lamp as they snuck away in the growing twilight.

A Road So Dark - Part I
A Ball, a Favor, and a Voyage to Leagueheim

Our story began with the entourage meeting at the Grail estate of Baron Halman Keddah for a ball celebrating the birthday of his daughter, Pratha Keddah. The Baron met with our heroes privately during the ball, requesting their aid in researching unusual ship logs dating back 50 years, to the Emperor Wars. According to the logs, a vessel (the Dancing Light) made the trip from Leagueheim to Grail in much less time than usually required.

The entourage was provided with information on the Dancing Light and its crew. After finding little information available on Grail, they boarded a League transport freighter and headed for Leagueheim. After a inquisitorial inspect at the Pyre jumpgate, the party transferred from their transport to an aging cruise ship at the Cumulus Space Station in the Byzantium Secundus system. (Checking into the Dancing Light at the station met with no success, and it appears that no records of the vessel existed at that location, and may have been deleted from the station’s system by someone trying to cover up records.)

After a flight on-board a (possibly haunted cruise ship) and a brief trip with time to practice gambling and fencing, the entourage touched down at the main starport in Kesparate, the continent-spanning city of Leagueheim.


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