Baroness Elizabeth Hawkwood (Red Liz)

Lady of Redemption and Treacherous Former Pirate


Elizabeth Hawkwood is a lady of viperous charm, whether dressed in the latest ballgown or the synthsilk jumpsuit of a pirate captain. She is the sort of individual who can make pleasant smalltalk with even those she has left for dead in the past, all the time being at the ready to strike them down, if necessary. Since regaining her title, her former stern countenance as a pirate has made way for predatory smiles and contemptuous, knowing looks.

The Baroness possesses a wiry build, belying her mechanically-improved strength and agility (displayed equally well through duel and dance). She keeps her fiery red hair down to her mid-back, and elegantly styled. As a pirate, she tied her hair back into a long braid to keep it out of the way. As a lady, she lets it down, draped over her left eye. This helps to conceal a pale, cybernetic replacement with a silvery iris (without the need for an eyepatch). Elizabeth also has a concealed sword in her right forearm, mounted between the bones of the forearm and exiting through the palm. This was once concealed by a metal brace, but long gloves suffice at court.


“Terribly sorry about this, but for the House, you see. I hope you understand.”

Lady Elizabeth Hawkwood was born to a minor, landless branch of the house on Ravenna during the Emperor Wars. From an early age, she excelled at dueling and fleet tactics, but lacked civility and refinement at court. By her fourteenth birthday, the Wars were over, and she eagerly anticipated a position of prestige under the newly-crowned Hawkwood Emperor. By her sixteenth, she was charged as a minor member of a cell of the Black Lions, a group of Hawkwoods that felt betrayed by the Emperor and worked to depose him. At her young age, and not being guilty of any direct actions against the Empire (despite her association), Elizabeth was spared from being tried for treason. Instead, she was made an example of, and stripped of her rank and title, being officially disowned by the house.

Originally living as a freeman drifter, Elizabeth started on a hard path. Years working on vessels outside of the Charioteer guild structure eventually led to work with less savory figures, and, ultimately, to a life of piracy. At this, her martial skills and mind for tactics pushed her up quickly in rank. This was at a cost, as she required several cybernetic replacements (which quickly became enhancements, once possible) during this time. Within five years, she had staged a mutiny and spaced her captain, becoming a leader of her own crew. Rumors of “Red Liz” soon began making their way through the usual starport bar gossip networks.

Through dubious means, she eventually stumbled upon information regarding a fleet forgotten in a closed system since the days of the Second Republic. This became useless when her crew were captured by the Kurgans on Hira. With the help of some former slaves that were also captured while being used as shock troops by the Hazat, she and her crew made their escape and eventually tracked down the prize. After an attempted betrayal of her new allies did not go completely to plan, Elizabeth was only able to recover a small portion of the fleet for herself. It appears she donated most (if not all) of these “mere” eight dreadnought-class vessels to certain high-ranking house members, and her title was reinstated shortly thereafter.

Currently, Elizabeth is working her way into Hawkwood high society, and getting close with several high-ranking members of the house. Rumors claim both that she still harbors anti-Imperial attitudes or that she is fully reformed and ready to protect the Empire though any means available. Only time will prove one of these true.

Baroness Elizabeth Hawkwood (Red Liz)

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