Dame Yelena Anna Decados

Amorous Duelist


Yelena has the slender build and grace of a dancer. Contrary to popular Decados fashion, she wears a loose fitting tunic under stiffsynth armor, with only a few rings and bracelets for ornamentation. Her hair is a plain light blonde, pulled back from her face in a fashion more suited for athletics than elegance. The metallic green tattoo of a pair of mantis’ arms are the only unusual adornment of Yelena’s pain features, and the design neatly frames her left eye, offsetting its indigo brilliance and drawing attention to weighing gaze.

Taking the demeanor of a Hawkwood or Hazat duelist, Dame Yelena speaks with a jovial banter, mocking those that have offended her, even while dueling with them. The swordswoman is never without her matching rapier and main gauche, even when dressed for a ball, and especially not when wooing a potential lord or lady (she pursues both equally, in the typically hedonistic Decados fashion).


“My lady, has this oaf offended you? I swear, just say the word, and I will defend you honor! Afterwards, I would ask to speak with you, at length, in a more private setting.”

Born to a rural estate on Severus to a minor branch of the House, Yelena was raised on stories of flashing blades and fiery passions (her childhood nurse had been a servant originally from Sutek, captured in naval engagement during the Emperor Wars). Not surprisingly, she behaved as a tomboy while a child on her home estate, practicing at wooden swords and flattering her cousins before offering to defend their honor.

Her uncommon tenancies (for a Decados, at least) were subsumed, for a time, when her mother sent her to court at the capital for refinement. For next several years, she blossomed from a quiet wallflower to a well-spoken lady of the court, and a master of court gossip and information. On adulthood, however, her childhood mood once again overcame her more refined self. Working with court trainers, she became a young prodigy at the sword.

Upon hearing of Yelena’s return to form, her mother pulled her from the court, sending her on a voyage far from her homeworld to give her a chance to work such simple urges out of her system. The knight spent the next few years wandering the Known Worlds as a drifter, spending her greatest amount of time in Hazat space. Returning home a rugged and wild adventurer, carouser, and flirt; she turned her focus once again to the study of the sword becoming a young master.

Yelena is somewhat of a joke at court, with her wanton, obvious behavior and penchant for duels with little to no provocation. Most of the Decados nobility laugh behind her back when they are not throwing her at visitors to the court, to see their reaction.

Dame Yelena Anna Decados

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