Kam Sharp

Son of Captain Ernest Sharp


When dressed in the cowed robe of the Medicant
Maxwell, there is little to see, his face hidden in shadow,
only the beard or whisps of hair show around the folds of
the deep hood. Without the robe he has a stern face that the
years made sour. His eyes give him away, one green and the
other blue, an inheritance from his father.


Old Maxwell is purely a persona used by Kam Sharp to
get around under the noses of the Charioteers Guild. Old
Maxwell was indeed a real person, a Mendicant Monk and
a mentor to Kam after his troubles with the Guild. When
the old man died, Kam used his identity so that he could
come and go from the Wastepit without suspicion. After his
father was disgraced and removed from the Guild (through
an airlock), Kam became bitter, and harbored revenge plots
against the League ever since. This culminated in a series
of terrorist bombings that made him a fugitive. Yet the Guild
never managed to catch him. He is well practiced in the arts
of knavery, but his fury is long spent. Now all he craves for
is to be away from under the eyes of the League.

Kam Sharp

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