Korrina Xanthippe

Fallen Maiden


A handsome woman of medium build and height, with head of thick wavy black/dark brown hair and deep blue gray eyes.


Korrin Xanthippe began life as the third sister in line of a minor house on a Aragon moon. Even as a child though, she didn’t live up to her namesake “maiden”, getting into fights and being rambunctious. From early on she placed a strong value on friends and people close to her, but for some reason that didn’t seem to set up her and her parents in as good of a relationship as they could have been. This relationship slowly broke down as she aged and with a few of confrontations, one major being a incident with their cook and her father.

Once she had aged enough to be of use to the house she was sent to Aragon learn to be liaison between the house and the Hazat. There she met a man of a lesser house and they both feelings for one another. This lead to a situation with a young Hazat noble that was being maneuvered into courtship and joining the houses. She would not bend to wills on society and the houses, standing up to the noble and then dueling for her love. The duel was a quick and with it changed the rest of her life.

Gravely wounding the Hazat, she brought down the wrath of her mother, who disinherited the girl, put her out, and left her on Aragon. A few days later, her love came to her to tell her that he was getting sent home to marry the local barronette and was leaving immediately. Within a couple weeks, she was out on the street just trying to make ends meet.

It was on the trying to sell trinkets she met Nicholas. He offered a her a job as a maid in a prominent house and to relay back some information of the house for him. The job, to good to be true for someone living hand to mouth, lasted only a short time but she quickly fell info favor by Nicholas as a trusted servant and was hired on within his own house.

Since then she has served him doing chores and dealing with daily duties for him. She has been chosen from time to time to run errands and meet with people for him, which her past life training has taught well to handle. She a deeply loyal to him and knows he has given her a great chance since he first saw something in her on the street.

Korrina Xanthippe

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