The Maiden of Wires

Golem Revolutionary


An elusive and mysterious figure, the Maiden of Wires has been described as everything from a simple humanoid automaton to a hulking battle golem, bristling with weaponry. The most common form ascribed to her, however, is that of a hauntingly beautiful, nearly human woman, with only one or two parts of her inner workings exposed to reveal her true unnatural origin. She appears to be an example of the worst technologies of the Second Republic, covered in a sheath of artificial alabaster-white skin, with platinum blonde synthetic hair, and piercing green eyes indistinguishable from a true human’s.

If her exposed mechanics do not reveal her nature, the demeanor of the Maiden most certainly will. She applies a cold and dark logic in her thoughts, offering only icy spitefulness to those who have reported encountering her. She seems focused entirely on releasing other golems from their “human servitude” and she sees no problem in resorting to any means to do so. Truly, if the construct could have any emotion, it would be a seething hatred for all humankind.

She appears to have a functional suit of powered ceramsteel armor on par (or surpassing) those of the Phoenix Guard, that she dons when needed (which may explain some of the reports describing her as a battle golem). She is also often accompanied by a handful of fearsome battle golems or simpler constructs.


“Of course, how could you understand? Being the plaything of so base a creature. When my work is done, the Known Worlds will be a better place.”

The Maiden of Wires appeared entered court and guildhall rumors only within the past eight years (no mention of her prior to that time has been found). Since that time, she has been tied to acts of golem-related terrorism on eight of the Known Worlds by multiple witnesses, the most notable of these attacks being the destruction of Viscountess Remalia Al-Malik’s estate on Criticorum in 5009. Her activities have ranged from the aforementioned bombing, to golem theft and reprogramming, to hostage taking.

From the number of worlds she has been able to cover, it would appear that the Maiden has excellent contacts with easy access to jumpgate transit. This worryingly alludes to either collusion with her cause from a human faction (with Third Republican leanings, possibly) or a large and active network of free-willed golems still active throughout the Empire. A group within the Supreme Order of Engineers would be a likely culprit for her unknown supporters, but her involvement in the think machine corruption of the Lehmans-Andromov Laboratory on Leagueheim seems to indicate poor relations between her and the Engineers’ Guild.

In fact, the testimony of witnesses who have reported speaking with the maiden strongly supports any suspicions of animosity between her and the Engineers. Four separate individuals have reported the Maiden specifically mentioning hatred of and mistreatment by her unnamed creator. As she appears to be operating autonomously, this golem must have been liberated from her creator’s service somehow. Testimony of the Maiden’s comments seem to indicate her unknown designer is still alive, suggesting that she was constructed recently. This is very impressive, especially given her highly advanced design, which would appear to be on par with advanced Second Republic-era golem designs. Regardless, the identity, location, and status of this brilliant (if potentially short-sighted and blasphemous) builder remains unknown.

At this time, the Maiden of Wires continues to operate somewhere in the Known Worlds. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

The Maiden of Wires

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